Seferi took it in good spirit and laughed as Fury picked up him during Friday’s weigh-in

Tyson Fury’s quest to regain his heavyweight title began with a kiss to the crowd, a brawl at ringside, and more showboating than fighting until he finally decided to step on the gas and stop his outgunned opponent Sefer Seferi at the end of the fourth round.

Before then Fury had poked his tongue out at his opponent, performed a 360-degree spin in the ring and, as a brawl broke out close to ringside, seemed more interested in that than the punches his opponent was throwing at him.

“If I am brutally honest I could have done him in the first 10 seconds,” Fury said later. “But what good would that have done me?”

When he stepped up the pressure in the fourth, Seferi had little response and it was no surprise when his corner decided to pull him out. There was booing from the 15,000 crowd at the Manchester Arena but most of them appeared directed towards Seferi for his apparent reluctance to be sent tumbling to the canvas.

“Sefer is a very tough guy,” Fury insisted afterwards, but not everyone sounded convinced. “He started to get on the back foot and move a bit. It wasn’t my fault that they pulled him out.”

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