UK singer/songwriter, Rita Ora, is one of the campaign's ambassadors. Photo: JCWI

UK singer/songwriter, Rita Ora, is one of the campaign’s ambassadors. Photo: JCWI

A campaign will launch in the UK to highlight contributions refugees have made to society and to challenge negative discussions around the influx of people seeking asylum in the country, using well known names such as Rita Ora who fled to the UK from Kosovo.

Organised by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, the I am a Refugee initiative will be modelled on the blue plaques placed on buildings around the UK that commemorate their historical significance.

Each of the campaign’s plaques will feature a refugee who has moved to the UK and will be placed on buildings significant in their life, for example, where the refugee lived, worked or studied.

Refugees will also be able to create their own plaques digitally to share online.

The campaign is aiming to raise just over £21,000 from the public to cover production and third party costs, and has so far raised nearly a quarter of the target.

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