BBC Radio 1

Loftus Audio are making a documentary for BBC Radio 1 about young people returning to their parents’ (or grandparents’) home country for the first time. The programme will explore feelings of identity among second (or third) generation young people, through their own words and experiences.

At the moment they are seeking contributors to the programme, and they are looking for a young British-born person who plans to visit their parents’ home country for the first time. The ideal person would be aged roughly 16-25, and planning their first trip to the country over the summer. Initially Loftus Audio producer would love to have a chat with them on the phone. If they were interested in the project, perhaps they will be interviewed before and after their trip.

In addition, Loftus Audio would like to speak to any people within that rough age group who have recently visited their parents’ country for the first time about their experiences there.

As a company, Loftus Audio has 12 years of experience making programmes for the BBC, and they often work with children, teenagers and young people on their documentaries. They have a strong reputation for making sensitive and thought-provoking features about real people’s stories.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the documentary’s producer Hannah Marshall. Her number is 020 8740 4666 during the working day, or 07714487065 during evenings or weekends, or via email: .