We might forgive but not forget, 46 Kosovo Albanians massacred by the Serbs in 1999 are reburied

Fifteen years after they were killed by Serb forces, the remains of 46 ethnic Albanian civilians were buried last Wednesday in western Kosovo to the tears and wails of their relatives.

One funeral took place in the village of Mala Krusa, where 112 boys and men were killed when Serb forces rounded them up, sprayed them with bullets and then set them on fire in revenge for NATO’s 1999 bombing of Serbia.

Some 40 miles to the east, another 27 civilian victims, most of them members of one family, were buried in the town of Suva Reka. The remains were found in a mass grave in Serbia, part of an attempt by the authorities to cover up the killings.

The two attacks were among the worst atrocities during Kosovo’s separatist war that left some 10,000 dead, most of them ethnic Albanians.

Over 1,000 people are still considered missing from the Kosovo war.