Ukë Krasniqi's hair-cut, who is an ardent Liverpool fan, has to wait for a while

Ukë Krasniqi’s hair-cut, who is an ardent Liverpool fan, has to wait for a while

One ardent Liverpool fan, Ukë Krasniqi, decided in 2003 that he would not cut his hair again until Liverpool won a league title, and it seems that he will have to halt the hair cut for a while after yesterday’s Liverpool’s Premier League near-miss.

Liverpool were on the verge of their first ever Premier League title and first league championship in 24 years and looked forward to finally seeing their beloved reds lift a trophy that has so famously eluded them. But yesterday’s Liverpool victory over Newcastle didn’t help as hopes of a first league title were dashed as Manchester City beat West Ham to be crowned champion.

The video below sees Ukë talk about his self-imposed pact and how he can’t wait for it to all end in glory by seeing Steven Gerrard lift the Premier League trophy in a few weeks time.

The interview is in Albanian, but he can be quoted as saying: “Since 2003 I started to grow my hair spontaneously. So far Liverpool have won all other titles but not the Championship. Now we are so close.

“Even if we are declared Champions earlier, I will keep my hair until May 11. I want my hair when Steven Gerrard will lead us to the Championship against Newcastle.”