Tour de Kosovo

This is a unique opportunity to visit the world’s newest nation-state and admire its breathtakingly beautiful scenery and fascinating cultural treasures. Kosovo is an intriguing place, full of paradoxes and surprises for any first time visitor. Embarking on the Tour de Kosovo will be not only an exciting but also a fulfilling experience, as well as raising funds for landmine clearance and micro social development projects to help the Kosovar people.


G√ęzuar’s Tour de Kosovo is an exciting and rewarding way to finish off the cycle season. Just one week after the World Championship we invite you to join in cycling 250km over three days, around Kosovo – the world’s newest nation-state.

The ride has been developed to raise awareness of Kosovo and to raise funds for mine clearance near the city of Peja, as well as micro-social development projects in the country.

Averaging 80km, each stage of the ride is short to enable you to ride in the morning, with afternoons free to explore the towns, meet the people and experience this intriguing country for yourself.

You will also have the unique opportunity to visit a live mine clearance project, to see how the funds you raise will be spent, and to meet the brave people who carry out this dangerous task every day.

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