Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that NATO intervention in Kosovo was necessary and that the existence of an independent state of Kosovo is proof of that.
“It would have been a terrible thing if the West had allowed the situation to continue unchecked,” Blair said in a addressing the Kosovo’s assembly members in his speech on Friday July 9th 2010. While after his speech in a solemn meeting with Kosovo Parliament members, former British PM (in picture), meet with citizens of Kosovo in Scanderbeg square in Pristina the capitol city of Kosovo.

Blair, while prime minister of Britain, was one of the most vocal supporters of NATO intervention in Kosovo in 1999. NATO’s action resulted in the withdrawal of Serbian troops and the placement of Kosovo under UN interim administration.

Kosovo declared its independence in 2008 and has since been recognised by 69 states, including most western countries.

Blair is in Kosovo on a much anticipated two-day visit to meet with officials of the Kosovo government.
(BPA Photo / Vedat Xhymshiti)

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