Dite e Shen Gjergjit

Saint George fighting the dragon

Today in Albanian Lands (Albania, Kosovo, Western Macedonia and Southern Montenegro) is St George’s Day (Alb. Dita e Shën Gjergjit) according to the Christian Orthodox calendar which is celebrated in Albania and Kosovo and other Albanian parts as well.

It is a day of joy and believing in god, people will go out and build a fire and play around it, people will bless their houses, fields, their children and everything around them with water as it was the holy water. St George’s Day in Albania and Kosovo is celebrated on the 6th of May and is called Shen Gjergji or Shengjergji (Shingjergji) and is a day where people celebrate the blessing of god. In Albania Christian Orthodox Albanians go to church and pray to god and St George and sing songs about St George.

In Kosovo even Muslim Albanians until recently celebrated this by going to the fields in the early morning to collect the plants Kukureg and Dren, along with water from the nearest river (or rivers: in Plemetina and other areas water must be gathered from 3 rivers). Members of a family will ceremonially bath in the water, heated with the plants and they decorate their homes with the plants.

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