This majestic creature in the photos above is the Balkan/Albanian lynx. Unfortunately it is a critically endangered species – only about 40 or 50 individuals are reported to exist in total.

An NGO operating in Albania, Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA), recently reported that about 5-6 of these species still live in the mountains of Puka and that they risk to become extinct due to the massive deforestation that has (illegally) taken place in the area in the last 20 years and which destroyed the habitat of the lynx and other rare, endangered species.

In all fairness the current government has taken positive steps banning both illegal hunting and logging. However, it may be too late so more needs to be done to prevent this species becoming extinct.

A British-Albanian, Eduard Alia, and his siblings, who originally come from that area, have launched an appeal calling on the Albanian government to take positive measures to designate the area where the lynx lives as a conservation or protected area.

As animal rights receive very little attention in Albania, they are calling on for the support of activists around the world. Thus far they have received nearly 2000 signatures from all corners of the world. Apart from signatures from the U.S.A., Peru, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom etc., it is amazing to see so many signatures from other Balkans countries such as Macedonia, Serbia and Greece – comments from the latter are particularly touching as the lynx used to be seen in Greece in the past but it is no longer there for the same reasons as it may be soon extinct in Albania.

We’d be really grateful if you could sign and share the petition below and please alert or inform us of any media, NGOs, charities and any person or organisation that can help to further this objective.