My name is Genc Kazazi; I live at 52 The Coverdales, Barking, Essex, IG11 7JY. My son, Florion Kazazi, 19, suffers for more than 3 years from a very serious disease called cancer. After four difficult operations on the left leg, the disease returned and doctors were forced to amputate his left leg in order to prevent the spread of disease. Even after this intervention and care with continuous chemotherapy, signs of disease appear to have reached the lung.

In London the doctors have done all they can for him. However, now there is nothing more that they can do to save his life. The only hope for the boy’s life is a medical clinic in Texas America, they are giving him 75 percent hope and security of saving his life.

In the economic difficulties we are facing with this difficult situation in which we are, we turn to all our compatriots, who with goodwill and humanism, as much as your hart says and your economic opportunity, to please contribute as much as you can, in saving our son’s life, Florio.

Netwest Bank

Account number 52583104

Sort code 60 01 37

Mobile: 07960503413

God bless you and you help you all.

Thank you and respects,

Kazazi Family

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