What would you do if you found rings worth of 11.000 $ in the toilet of a restaurant?

Few would give the rings back, especially if they were working as cleaners at that particular restaurant and- as we all know – money always comes in handy.

Two Albanian natives living in Detroit Michigan proved that despite the economic crisis we are in, we should not lose faith in humanity.

Nadine Ventimigla the owner of the rings already had no hope of ever finding them again, after realizing that she had left them at the Restaurant the night before.

“Especially in these economic times, who wouldn’t take the rings and pawn them for whatever they could get?” she asked.

However despite her disbelieve, Nadine has been proven wrong as the rings were given back to her by Gjyste Verdha and her Son Gentjan Verdha who is a political science student .at Macomb Community College. ‘We liked to make her happy’ said Gentjan , adding : ‘This is a great land of opportunity. You get so many things by hard work, you don’t need to steal or take from someone else.”

It’s wonderful to hear those words from a young man, teaching us that we still can and should have faith in each other. Let’s take this as an example to better ourselves and future generations.

“I think this happened to remind me that there are still many good people here. It made me think, we are going to be OK.” said Nadine.