A documentary from a Pristina film crew is shedding new light on this little known tale of heroism. Lawrence Marzouk speaks to Dardan Islami, the director of Rescue in Albania.

Locked in the vaults of one of the world’s most secretive regimes for half a century, the incredibly story of how Albanians saved the lives of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust is only today emerging.

From The Diary of Anne Frank to Schindler’s List, the Holocaust has proved fertile ground for Hollywood directors. But the story of how 2,000 Jews were offered safe haven in Albania during the Second World War has so far escaped the attention of Spielberg and his cohorts. Dardan Islami believes his latest documentary, which delves into this fascinating slice of history, could soon pique their interest.

“Nobody had heard about this story because it was closed inside the Communist regime in Albania,” Islami, film director and founder of Prishtina’s Urban FM, told Prishtina Insight.

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An image from the documentary

An image from the documentary

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