Abanian GCSE petition

Abanian GCSE petition

At present, students from Albanian-speaking cultures are unable to study Albanian at GCSE level in schools. We believe that the Albanian language deserves recognition as a GCSE subject in its own right, like other community languages. We believe that community languages are an asset both to the pupils and the education system in the UK.

Studies have shown that:

• Bilingualism in young people is linked to higher levels of achievement in numeracy, literacy and science, as well as in languages. (CILT, 2005, Language Trends 2005)

• In other community languages, pupils achieve consistently high results at GCSE level. (Ofsted, 2008, Every Language Matters)

• Language provision in schools including the teaching of a range of languages has been argued as vital in developing intercultural tolerance, social cohesion and economic competitiveness. (Nuffield Language Inquiry, 2000, languages: the Next Generation.

Please sign this petition to lobby the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) to provide the Albanian language as a GCSE and to take the necessary steps to introduce this into our classrooms.