There is a certain type of animation that has no dialogue, but relies on visuals to convey the plot. “Road Runner” is such a cartoon. Russia has a series “Nu Pagodi ” which can be understood with a vocabulary of about four words of Russian. It is the same idea as “Tom and Jerry”, with a sly underdog outsmarting a stronger adversary.Nu Pagodi is rare among Russian cartoons in its technical quality,which is comparable to American animation.

Albania was, during the communist era an isolated country. It is interesting to look at entertainment from that hermit kingdom that was not overtly political. Although less technically advanced than American cartoons, the video with this posting shows the vivid imagination of its creators. It shows a little boy who would rather do anything than his homework, his flights of fantasy and his artful diversions. It can be enjoyed by those who , like me know no Albanian.

Albania has traveled a rocky road to capitalism. It now has flat rate corporate and personal income taxes, which in this country is a suggestion that has come most often from the political right.
The cultural artifacts of fallen regimes should be studied and preserved.


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Edi - an Albanian cartoon character

Edi - an Albanian cartoon character

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