An Albanian chef from North Staffordshire in England, Mr Edmond Arapi, is facing extradition to Italy on murder charges but he could be released this week with the help of friends who have uncovered essential evidence.

Mr Arapi was arrested at Gatwick airport last week in connection with 2004 killing in Italy as he was returning from a holiday. But he denies the charges saying that he was in the UK when the murder was committed.

His wife Georgina believes that now it is possible to prove his alibi. According to her, the Italian authorities have so far presented no evidence and new evidence will be presented to prove his innocence, when he appears in court again tomorrow in Westminster.

Documents with Edmond’s signatures have been found which prove that he was in England on the 26th October 2004, also the pub’s accountant, where Edmond worked, has found that he was working every day that week.

His neighbours have spoken of their shock at Mr Arapi’s arrest. Next-door neighbour Alan Bridgwood( 61) said: “He is a good father and a good husband who is very hard-working. I cannot believe this has happened and I certainly hope this is all cleared up as quickly as possible so he can be freed to return to his family.”