An image from Nata Pa Hene movie

An image from Nata Pa Hene movie

Artan Minarolli’s “Nata pa Hene” (Moonless Night), organised by Anglo-Albanian Association.

The screening will take place at the Albanian Embassy, 33 St. George’s Drive, London, SW1V 4DG, UK – to whom thanks in advance – starting at 7pm.

This is  to inform you about an opportunity to attend the film screening on January 18th!
Space is limited so please reply to this e mail address:, if you would like to attend.

We have another Albanian film screening scheduled for 18 January.  The film is Artan Minarolli’s “Nata pa Hene” (Moonless Night), with English subtitles.  This film, made in 2004, chronicles the fate of Albanians caught up in waves of emigration during the last century, – fleeing on speedboats to southern Italy during the 1990s, interspersed with flashbacks to desperate swimmers dodging Hoxha’s searchlights on Lake Ochrid.

Please reply to this e-mail address providing names of attendees (non-members will have the opportunity to join the AAA). Space is limited and seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.  Refreshments will be served.