About 30 divers from Macedonia and Albania decorated a Christmas three submerged in the waters of Lake Ohrid, a seven years old tradition.

The tree was placed at three metres below the lake’s surface in the Bay of the Bones museum complex near Gradishte and is visible from above, the Macedonian Information Agency reported. The divers decorated it with ornaments filled with weights, so that they would look natural under the water. Then, they welcomed Santa Claus and toasted each other with a glass of champagne.

This tradition, started by the members of the divers’ clubs “Ohrid” and “Amfora,” has turned into a kind of tourist attraction. The organisers hope that it will bring many visitors to Ohrid for the New Year’s holidays.

The divers will place another Christmas tree in Lake Ohrid’s waters today, by the Drin River springs near the Saint Naum monastery complex.