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We need your help to stop cuts to vital services for refugees. We’ve had a great response and now we need to keep the pressure on.

Please contact your MP now to stop cuts to refugee advice services.

Refugees come to the UK looking for safety from war, torture and persecution. Extremely vulnerable, often traumatised and in an unfamiliar country, they rely on organisations like the Refugee Council to help them begin to rebuild their lives. We provide free advice and support services for people who have nowhere else to turn but we rely on government funding to do this.

The government is proposing to cut this funding by over 60% from 1 April 2011. Funding for the work we do to help refugees integrate into our society will end completely in September.

You can help us today: Tell your MP that the dramatic cuts to refugee advice services must be stopped.

While we understand government cuts are affecting all sorts of services, we are gravely concerned that the scale and speed of the cuts are going to devastate the specialist organisations that are dedicated to providing refugees with a lifeline. If these organisations can’t help them, many vulnerable people will simply have nowhere else to turn.

The Refugee Council, together with other refugee charities is calling on the government to ensure that refugees continue to receive the advice and support they need. We want to see the level of the cuts reduced and we want more time to make changes to our services so that we can focus on helping the people who need us most. We need your help to do this.

Protect services for refugees: Write to your MP today.

Thank you for your support at this difficult time.

Marilyn and Anna
Refugee Council campaigns team