A delightful display at Artland Gallery explores the fragile nature of memory.

Butterflies in Rain is an evocatively titled exhibition by Hyde based artist Margaret Cahill, who travelled to Kosovo to produce haunting portraits of people living in the former warzone.

She said: “It’s about how the images you have in your memory change and how we perceive them over time.”

Margaret is no stranger to desolate spaces, having spent a previous residency on an abandoned military base in Estonia. Butterflies in Rain, which takes its title from a Kosovan poem, features pictures created using a mixture of photography, collage and painting. Imagine the colours found in rust – rich oranges, ochres and browns – and you’ll gain an impression of the palette that makes her work instantly appealing.

Margaret is exhibiting nine large paintings, 15 small canvases and an installation – a display case inspired by those macabre collections of dead butterflies sometimes seen in museums, but featuring tiny photographs instead of insect corpses.

Catch this show before it flies off to some other gallery.

* Butterflies in Rain runs until May 23 at Artland Gallery, Mount Street, Manchester. For further details visit www.artlandgallery.co.uk or www.margaretcahill.co.uk.