“Let Them Work” është një kampanjë organizuar nga një numër i organizatave partnerë. Kjo kampanjë kërkon që qeveria tu lejoj azilkërkuesve të kenë të drejtën të punojnë. Në vazhdim mund të lexoni më shumë në lidhje me këtë në gjuhën angleze si dhe të mësoni se si mund t’i bashkëngjiteni kësaj kampanje duke nënshkruar formën elektronike online.


Since 2002 the government has refused permission for almost everyone claiming asylum to work.

Refugees come to the UK seeking sanctuary from persecution. Some wait years for their claim to be finally resolved. They want to take responsibility for looking after their families and escape from destitution when they cannot access government support. Yet long periods of unemployment during their asylum claim means that when allowed to stay, they often end up in jobs far beneath their qualifications and skills. And if they have their claim refused, they end up returning home with out of date skills and find it harder to get a job than before they left.

Our society is losing too. The UK taxpayer foots the bill for a policy which prevents people from contributing to our economy. The great injustice is that people seeking asylum find themselves scapegoated as scroungers, when they would welcome the opportunity to work while they are here.

We want the Government to allow asylum seekers to work if they have been waiting longer than six months for a full resolution on their asylum claim. Until 2002 asylum seekers could work if they’d been waiting longer than 6 months for an initial decision from the Home Office.

We want the Government to ensure that permission to work remains for people whose claim for asylum is refused, but they are unable to return home immediately through no fault of their own, and are complying with instructions to report to authorities.

We call on the government to allow people seeking asylum to work.


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