The representative for Albania in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is going to be Juliana Pasha. The 48th annual Festivali i Këngës competition chose Juliana Pasha with her entry ‘Nuk mundem pa ty’ (‘I Can’t Without You’) to represent the country in Oslo, Norway in May.

The song received a total of 133 points in the competition, and was written by Ardit Gjebrea and Pirro Çako. Pasha had previously competed twice in the national selection for Albania, achieving 2nd place last year with ‘Një jetë’ – a duet with fellow Albanian singer Luiz Ejlli, and third in 2007 with ‘Qielli i ri’.

It is likely that ‘Nuk mundem pa ty’ will be translated into English for the Eurovision Song Contest in May, as in 2009 when Kejsi Tola’s ‘Më merr në ëndërr’ was translated to ‘Carry Me in Your Dreams’. Tola also competed in this year’s national selection, coming 15th with ‘Ndonjëherë’.


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