“Italian authorities have dropped a bid to extradite a man for murder after admitting they had “got the wrong man”.” (BBC)

“Fingerprint analysis confirmed Mr Arapi did not murder Castillo Marcello. ” (BBC)

“UKIP West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass says the ongoing nightmare endured by Edmond Arapi shows the European Arrest Warrant system is flawed and should be suspended pending a thorough enquiry.” (UKIP)

“Mr Arapi was arrested at Gatwick Airport on a European Arrest Warrant in June last year as he returned from a month-long holiday in Albania with his wife Georgina, whom he married in 2006. His extradition was ordered in March by a district judge at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.” (The Press Association)

“Mr Arapi went to the High Court in London on Tuesday to fight against extradition. The 29-year-old Albanian chef, who lives in Leek, Staffordshire, knew nothing about the trial and said he had an alibi.

Lawyers for the Italian government said they were withdrawing the extradition request after conceding that Mr Arapi was the victim of stolen identity.” (The Press Association)

Mr Arapi’s “lawyers are hoping to secure compensation for a chef who was finally cleared of murder after being convicted in his absence by an Italian court.” (This is Staffordshire)