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Are you a migrant, do you run a business or wish to start-up a company, organisation, community group or you just have the idea that could help change our society?

By joining here (click on the link): surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NS8WTXT, you will support us in our mission to promote the role of migrant entrepreneurs in global economic and social development. Together we want:

– To recognize the positive contribution of migrant entrepreneurs globally.
– To empower marginalised migrant communities through entrepreneurship.
– To promote sustainable and responsible practices by migrant entrepreneurs.

About Migrant Entrepreneurs Network

We believe that migrant entrepreneurs play a positive role in the economic and social development of the country they live in. We believe that the migrant population have strong entrepreneurial skills and can adapt to any economic environment.  And we believe that the success of migrant entrepreneurs is due to their diverse networks, social resilience, economic resourcefulness and business creativity.

Why We Need Migrant Entrepreneurs Network By the end of 2014, global forced displacement reached 50 million – the highest level ever recorded by UNHCR. Conflict, global inequalities and environmental changes are forcing people to migrate in search of better lives and economic opportunities. However, these migrants are often marginalized, exploited and excluded from socio-economic opportunities in the countries they travel to. Paradoxically, the research shows that migrants are more likely to start a business and create job opportunities thus adding to the host country’s economic growth.

Our 2020 Challenge

Our challenge is to connect migrant entrepreneurs globally and to tackle the legal, cultural and political obstacles they face. By 2020 we aim to connect 2,020 migrant entrepreneurs around the world through our enabling platform.

How to Get Involved

For migrant entrepreneurs

  •  Become a free member of the Migrant Entrepreneurs Network and share your story, entrepreneurial tips and products and services with your peers around the world.
  •  Sign up for one of the learning programs offered by the Network, to keep up with global trends and best practices and to enhance your business skills.
  •  Get involved in our peer-to-peer migrant entrepreneurs mentoring scheme and our business coaching programme.
  •  Become active in establishing or supporting a national or city Migrant Entrepreneurs Hub.

For global business leaders

  •  Become an individual or corporate member of the Migrant Entrepreneurs Network, to connect with migrant entrepreneurs of the country of your choice.
  •  Volunteer to be a business leadership coach to one or more migrant entrepreneurs in the country or sector of your choice.
  •  Support the Migrant Entrepreneurs Network financially and in-kind through

your corporate social responsibility programme.

  • Explore opportunities to partner, collaborate or do business with migrant entrepreneurs around the world. For academics, non-profits and consultants
  • Offer pro-bono talks, training courses, venues and other support for the Migrant Entrepreneurs Network, globally or through the national and city Hubs.
  • Develop case studies and media features that profile the inspiring stories migrant entrepreneurs in the Network and the challenges they face.

We look forward to receive your completed questionaire. Should you wish more information please do not hesitate to contact us on: indira@chrysalisfamilyfutures.com