An episode from The Simpons

An episode from The Simpons

The phrase “Texas”, meaning wild in Norwegian, that has floated around social media in last two days, has the same meaning in Albanian slang.

The Wild West reputation of Texas has spread far and wide — so far, in fact, that people in Norway  and Kosovo use it as slang for “crazy.” The phrase “Teksas” has the same meaning in Albanian slang and it was used mainly in the 1980s in Prishtina, Kosovo’s capital city.

The Norwegian phrase “helt Texas” or “Det var helt Texas” loosely translates to “totally Texas” or “it was totally Texas.” It’s used to describe a situation, event, or outcome that was either wild, crazy, or outlandish.

In Albanian is used as “atje osht krejt Teksas”, wich translated “there is totally wild/lawless”, used when Prishtina’s city dwellers used to describe certain parts of Kosovo or Albania.

A restaurant in Norway called Dolly Dimple’s uses the phrase “helt Texas” in a video describing their “crazy” pizza deals.

So next time you experience something crazy or wild, “Det var helt Texas!” or “atje osht krejt Teksas!”, may be the best way to describe it.

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