Training course

Free workshops  at the MRC: Behind the scenes of The New Londoners: How to produce a digital magazine

Date: 10am-1pm Saturday 8th December 2012

The New Londoners (TNL) is the digital magazine produced by the Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) with the aim to increase the visibility and highlight the contributions of migrants to society. The three-hour workshop will take you behind the scenes of TNL’s production, providing you with an overall insight into the process of magazine publishing and with the opportunity to take part to a practical hands-on session. The seminar will primarily focus on the set of skills and key steps required to put together a publication from scratch to finish. You will get a better understanding of how to develop an editorial strategy, what the main staff roles are, the different types of magazine articles, how to commission, write and edit content, how to research photos, how to decide on the layout and work together with the designers in order to deliver the final draft.

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