Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in London organized a reception for the Fourth Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo at The Ballroom, the Corinthia Hotel London.

The Kosovo Embassy have cleverly chosen this old and luxurious London hotel to celebrate, because in 1913 this hotel hosted The London Conference of 1912-1913 (also known as the London Peace Conference), or Conference of the Ambassadors as it is often known in Albanian history.

On that conference it was decided to partition Albanian lands; half of the native Albanian territory was left out of the newly-established Principality of Albania and those territories originally inhabited by native ethnic Albanians, such as Kosovo or Ulcinj, were given to Serbia and Montenegro, respectively.

This reception was attended by various dignitaries, ambassadors, politicians and British Albanian community activists.

The honoured guests were greeted by Kosovo Ambassador HE Dr Muhamet Hamiti and Dr Noel Malcolm, a modern English historian, writer, and columnist who is also the author of Kosovo: A Short History (1998).