Alan Reynolds

Alan Reynolds

A former banker, Alan Reynold, is seeking success in the world of writing, with his new Flying With Kites novel based on extensive research on Kosovan refugees.

Mr Reynolds recreated the experiences of women fleeing Kosovo war in 1999, drawing on real life stories and carefully researched dates and facts.

The story follows fictitious school teacher and English graduate, Katya Gjikolli, and her baby son, as they initially flee Serb militia, escape to a squalid refugee camp in Macedonia, and are eventually resettled in a tower block in Newcastle.

Flying With Kites

The book also shows the differing experiences of the educated Katya, and another refugee who speaks no English.

In order to make the characters and the story as realistic as possible, he carefully studied the events of the Kosovo War, the conditions endured by refugees – right down to teepee-like tents occupied by five or more people in the refugee camps – and the route taken across Europe to the North of England.

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