First Jazz and Wine International Festival successfuly finishes in Berat, Albania

First Jazz and Wine International Festival successfuly finishes in Berat, Albania

“Jazz & Wine, International Festival Albania 2014,” the first of its kind, was held this weekend in the central Albanian city of Berat in a bid to promote tourism, culture, preservation of heritage and traditions, and gastronomy of Albania.

According to the Albanian Telegraphic Agency, under Prof. Doc Vaso Tole’s initiative of “Great Cultures do not need showing in Metropolises,” that’s why the festival’s première was held in an ancient cultural cradle like Berat.

Conceived as a “Festive Cultural Dialogue,” the activity organizers work to combine music, culture, art and tourism in one feast. With the help of the Albania’s Ministry of Culture, artist Eda Zari hosted two evening events over the weekend to improve, through wine, music and food, the values of cultural heritage, community awareness of heritage and cultural monuments.

Organizers have also launched a journey of wines, jazz and local Iso-Polyphony music from this town in order to extend the festival to other Albanian cities as an annual cultural event.

Berat was chosen as the venue to host the first festival as it bears great historic and cultural significance as well as the title of World Heritage granted by UNESCO.

The city is famous for rich heritage of art, music, culture, traditional cuisine, wine tastes and products, as well as various myths and legends of the Albanian people throughout centuries.

The festival will convene at least 10 bands of different musical genres from Albania and abroad to enhance the exchanges between the Albanian and foreign cultures.