Artisti nga Prishtina, Lorik Sylejmani, merr pjese në një ekspozitë në galerinë The Brick Lane Gallery të Londrës. Ekspozita mbahet prej 14 – 26 prill 2010.

Hapja e ekspozites është me 14 prill në ora 18.00. Adresa: 196 BRICK LANE, E1 6SA.

Rreth Lorik Sylejmani (në anglisht):

Statement of my artworks:
My art is a reflection but also a collective chromacy which includes an urban culture inside which a phenomenon of a specific communication in the dance sessions of a techno neosphere happens. This communication achieves total harmony during which sounds are converted into colors. This reflection is a reproduction of a simulative communication where vibrations, sounds, and colors create a self – communication of a higher level than common communicative language, which is today only a simple program that does not suit, and is not enough for urban neosphere.

born 1972 Prishtina, Kosovo

1998 – Post gratuade studies on thesis ‘Vizual and typographyc presentation of poetry of Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed’, University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Solo exhibitions:
1996 Gallery ‘CHELSEA’ – Prishtina, Kosovo
1998 Gallery ‘KOHA’ – Prishtina, Kosovo

Group exhibitions:
2002 – EXPO – The week of Kosova’s design– National Gallery of Kosovo -Prishtina, Kosovo
2004 – ARTISTS OF F.U.N. – Arte Studio Clocchiatti – Udine – Italy
2004 – PLAY III – International Video Art Festival, Museo de Arte ‘Angel M. De Rosa’ – Junin, Buenos Aires – Argentina
2004 – 17 Instant video festival – École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence – Marseille, France
2004 – Biennale internazionale di Ferrara, Salle dell’Imbarcadero del Castello Estense- Ferrara – Italy
2005 – VIDEO GAME, Fortino di S. Antonio Abate (XIV sec.), Bari – Italy
2005 – Eros + Food, Associazione Pro Art – Galleria Sekanina Ferrara – Italy
2005– Urban Flesh and blood, International videoart screening. National Centre for Contemporary Arts -Kaliningrad – Russia.
2006 – ‘Temporary Identites’- National Museum of Arts, Novosibirsk – Russia
2006 – HUN Gallery – New York – USA
2008 – Gallery ‘Lemonade’ – Prishtina, Kosovo
2009 – International exhibition ‘Price Muslim Mulliqi’ – National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina
2010 – Art in Mind – The Brick Lane Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2010 – Video Art Limousine Festival, London , United Kingdom

Author of TV programs:
6 documentaries, ‘Japan, the land of sunrise’, 2005
3 documentaries, Venice Biennale, 2007
Documentary about multimedial artist Laurie Anderson, 2007
4 documentaries from Glastonbury festival – UK, 2008 and 2009
Documentary for band Laibach, 2008
TV show – AVENY, 120 programs – National Television of Kosovo – urban and expermental culture, 2003-2010
Radio show – Pilot Underground 2000 – 2010

– National Television of Kosovo and Radio Blue Sky – Prishtina, Kosovo
– Professor of History of Design and Brending, Faculty of Fashion and Multimedia, ‘Evolution’, Prishtina, Kosovo