Dr Scarlett Epstein OBE

Dr Scarlett Epstein OBE

The London Jewish Cultural Centre and the Embassy of Albania presented on 27.01.2011 the remarkable story of the survival of Jews in Albania during the Holocaust.

In the presence of packed audience consisting of members from Albanian and Jewish community, ambassadors and other dignitaries, the film Rescue in Albania was shown which presents the extraordinary account of how the people of Albania assisted and saved Jewish refugees in World War Two.

Anthropologist Dr Scarlett Epstein OBE, herself rescued by Albanians, answered questions about her experiences.

Albania, the only European country with a Muslim majority at the time, not only protected its Jewish citizens, but also provided sanctuary to Jewish refugees from across Europe. Remarkably, in 1945 Albania had more Jewish residents than it did before the war. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn about this astonishing but almost completely unknown story.

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