A clip from Irish Times article

A clip from Irish Times article

A meeting of the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee focusing on the alleged harvesting of organs of Serbian prisoners by the Kosovan army during the conflict there in 1999 took place in Strasbourg yesterday and Dick Marty’s attitude angered MEPs.

Yesterday, Mr Marty gave a presentation to the parliament’s foreign affairs committee. Journalists were excluded from the meeting, but afterwards MEPs said Mr Marty had failed to provide any evidence concerning the allegations.

“The problem was that he presented his report in a sharp way and then we put questions to him in a similarly sharp way and he started to attack us,” German MEP Bernd Posselt told The Irish Times.

Mr Posselt dismissed the report as “not serious”. He said he wanted to “hear serious fact and not polemic and all we got today was polemic and opinions”.

German MEP Doris Pack said that he had not provided the names of witnesses, victims or the organs which were allegedly harvested.