British Albanian community protest in London against the human rights abuse in Greece

Members of the Albanian community in the United Kingdom gathered two days ago outside the Greek Embassy in London to protest in a peaceful manner against the oppression of human rights faced by Albanian immigrants in Greece.

The protest took place on the day of the announcement of the results of the European Parliamentary Elections, which were held last week in Greece– as well as other countries of the European Union.

The protest lasted approximately two hours without any undesirable incidents. After the protest, two members of the community handed copies of reports from Amnesty International to the Greek Embassy and its officials, referring to the repetitive oppression of human rights in Greece, as well as two other copies of petitions; one of the petitions requires the right to equal citizenship in Greece and the other requires justice for the unlawful killing of Ilia Kareli who was tortured to death by Greek prison guards and prison officials in Nigrita prison on 27 March 2014.

This action not only brought attention once again to the case of Ilia Kareli, but also focused on the repetitive abuse of the human rights in Greece as reported by Amnesty International.

We kindly ask you to sign both petitions:

– For Ilia Kareli:
– For equal rights on citizenship: