Gressenhall Albanian, Anila Bido, baked biscuits for the Princes Royal when the princess visited Sense’s new Dereham Resource Centre yesterday.

For a deaf-blind Albanian immigrant baking biscuits for the Princess Royal would have been unimaginable during her hard childhood as an orphan in Albania.

The princess which is the patron of the deaf-blind charity will officially open this resource centre on Rash’s Green Industrial Estate which was completed at the end of the last year to help deaf-blind people.

Anila was blind from the birth and she also has little hearing and learning difficulties, although she was operated by an English eye surgeon and her vision was restored at the age of 10, it was soon lost when her retinas detached following an impact.

She came to Britain as a refugee when she was 16 and was taken care by an English couple and attented a specialist school where she learned English and was able to finish courses at City College, becoming Student of the Year.


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