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Ambasada shqiptare në Londër apelon për ndihmë

Të nderuar bashkatdhetarë me banim në Britaninë e Madhe dhe Irlandë, Në kuadër të përpjekjeve të gjithanshme për tu ardhur në ndihmë bashkatdhetarëve tanë në Shqipëri, të prekur nga përmbytjet e ditëve të fundit, Ambasada e Shqipërisë në Londër ju fton të jeni solidarë dhe të kontribuoni sipas mundësive të gjithsecilit. Për këtë qëllim vëmë në dispozicion informacionin bankar të mposhtëm: Bank name: Metro Bank Account name: The Embassy of the Republic of Albania Account number: 13010641 Sort Code: 23-05-80 Reference: Përmbytjet Nga jashtë Britanisë së Madhe Ac. Name: Embassy of the Republic of Albania IBAN: GB21MYMB23058013010641 BIC:MYMBGB2L Currency:...

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Vjollca’s jazz conveys the unbelievable story of women in a small town who still follow traditions

Pivoting off the folk music of her native Albania to get to jazz was not difficult for Vjollca Robelli Mripa, especially when she found she had a dire message to convey: the unbelievable story of women in a small town who still follow traditions that seem tragically outdated and sexist to the rest of us. Her heritage gave the music its foundation in chordal structure and rhythm, but jazz allowed riffing off ideas and lightened it up. Just a touch. To match the story she is explaining, her voice is honey-sweet, punctuated by quick catches that suggest a cry...

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London Albanian girl, that was (unknowingly) photobombed by her finance on a childhood photo

People in love often like to look for signs that they truly belong together — “We both love the color blue!” “My horoscope said so!” — and sometimes, those signs are there even when you’re not looking. Shortly after getting engaged, Verona Koliqi and Mirand Buzaku discovered a delightful coincidence in a photo from 10 years ago. “My cousin found this photo on her computer, and she sent it over to me on my phone to laugh about how we looked when we were younger,” Koliqi tells Yahoo Lifestyle. The photo shows a group of kids posing in the...

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The Guardian: How Dua Lipa became the most streamed woman of 2017

She’s officially bigger than Ariana Grande and Rihanna, not to mention Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. The upstart British pop star Dua Lipa has just been named the most streamed woman of 2017 in the UK, according to Spotify’s year-end figures, an achievement that makes her No 1 song New Rules seem very aptly named. Young female solo artists have struggled to break through this year but Lipa, at the age of 22, is already being seen as an authentic voice of young British womanhood: independent, cool and in command of her own sexuality. Lipa was raised in the UK,...

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Kosova: An emerging European skiing destination

With the first snows of the winter having already fallen across Emerging Europe, many people’s thoughts would have already turned to winter holidays, and to skiing. While for many the countries of the region are not the first to spring to mind when planning a ski trip, there are in fact a number of very good ski resorts in this part of the world. From Jasna in Slovakia to Tsakhkadzor in Armenia, many offer some superb, rugged skiing amidst fantastic scenery, usually at prices well below those in Western Europe. There are plans to spend almost half a billion...

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