Craig Jurisevic in Kosovo War, 1999, (third from left)

Craig Jurisevic in Kosovo War, 1999, (third from left)

How would you introduce yourself to Albanian readership?

My introduction to the Albanian readership would be brief. I am an Australian surgeon who provides his medical and military experience to help the victims of war in any country, irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion or political views. I have worked in Borneo, Israel, Gaza, Albania, Kosovo, East Timor and Afghanistan and I will continue to help those in need. I am not pro-Albanian or anti-Serb. I just provide assistance to the victims of war, where ever they may be.

It took you about 10 years to enlighten those memories?

It took 10 years to be able to effectively and dispassionately document all the events of 1999. The time lapse allowed for me to approach my experiences in a more mature and pragmatic manner, and I drew on my military and life experiences after the Kosovo war to make the story more effective.

Would you want go back, see the people you saved?

I would like to go and see the people I saved and those I fought beside. I am hoping to visit members of the Atlantic Battalion in the U.S., and also Shkumbin and Rukije Kurti in Prizren.

There are people waiting for the movie to be made based on the book, tell us more?

The book is about to be released in the U.S. I have yet to sell the rights for the film. I was not happy with the proposals of certain producers and directors, but I hope that, once the US release occurs, there will be more interest by the large studios.

By Uran Maxharri


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