Ardena Gojani and her family had only five minutes to leave their house in her hometown Gjakova or threatened to be killed during the ethnic cleansing in Kosova in 1999. After losing everything and not having a home to return to, they were granted refugee status and immigrated to America.

They had to learn a new language and adapt to completely new and foreign environment, but for Ardena making friends was the easiest.

She got involved with the International Book Project, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote education and literacy worldwide.

After a short visit to Kosovo she realized that books are really needed there and she didn’t want to see “four students in a desk for two and sharing one textbook”.

She returned to America, contacted International Book Project people and with their help she was able to ship a sea container of 15,000 books; 10,000 went to Prishtina, and 5,000 to Gjakova.

She said “the International Book Project makes a difference worldwide, and I have been a recipient and have witnessed the changes. Students in Kosovo now have the books to continue their education so one day they can be the leaders to promote peace and unity in our world. I write this about IBP because, through literacy, they have changed my country, and continue to do it full-heartedly throughout our world.”


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