Amnesty, an Albanian film

Amnesty, an Albanian film

The Raindance Film Festival, Europe’s leadng independent film festival, to be held in London from 28th September – 9th October.

This year an Albanian film ‘Amnesty’ will be screened. Raindance is a chance for Albanians living in England to see films from their home country.  Screening: Thursday 29 September 18:15, All Tickets £10.00.

Amnesty, FEATURE, **UK Premiere**, Country: Albania, Running time: 83 mins, Director: Bujar Alimani, Cast: Luli Bitri, Karafil Shena, Todi Llupi.

Synopsis: For the first time in Albania, a new law is passed that allows sexual intercourse for married couples inside Tirana prison. Elsa travels once a month, from distant Pogradec, to meet her husband at the prison. Spetim also visits the same prison to meet with his wife. A love story between the two visitors will start to grow from the prison walls, until the new Amnesty ruling for the prisoners makes it very difficult for them both.

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