Gazmend Ejupi's exhibition in London

Gazmend Ejupi's exhibition in London

Preview Friday, 30th March, 6-9pm, 31st March – 28th April 2012, The Agency gallery, 66 Evelyn Street, London, SE8 5DD.

The Agency is pleased to present the Kosovan artist Gazmend Ejupi with a two‐screen video installation around the rituals and ceremonies of a wedding ceremony near Prishtina, the artist’s place of origin.

Working in multimedia as well as curatorial practices, Ejupi has been recording habitual life in Prishtina roughly a decade after the atrocities committed there in one of the most shocking wars within contemporary Eastern Europe.

His Video works record with humanity and humour ancient rituals preserved as well as common powercuts in the family home and the odd jobs gipsy youth take to make a living. Recording the minutiae of mostly Kosovan everyday life in Ejupi’s work is inexorably linked with the social observations of a resurrected culture after being ruptured by war and ethnic conflict.

‘The Wedding’ is a detailed recording of the different ritualistic activities of a village wedding. The split screens represent the separate male and female activities required for the ceremony.

Using a fly‐on‐the wall style of filming Ejupi’s gaze follows the men during their tea ceremonies, small children sampling cigarettes and the women gathering to dance around the bride.

Through the artist’ camera we are moved into a world of familial bonding through repetitive and handed down gestures and dress and behavioural codes, which still work to this day to weld together a variety of different characters. Ejupi uses a documentary approach to film‐making, adding sound pieces and two‐dimensional works to complete his installation.