Albania Stamps 2009 Comedians Block MNH Sten Lauren Oliver Hardy

Albania Stamps 2009 Comedians Block MNH Sten Lauren Oliver Hardy

A large collection of Albanian postage stamps, previously belonging to Friends of Albania (UK), is due to be included in an auction sale in March 2011 organised by Messrs Warwick & Warwick philatelic auctioneers.

The stamp collection  –  2004 plus a few later part issues, is fully written up from an historical point of view and includes a great deal of background information, illustrated with postcards, photographs and other items. There is a special section on art relating to stamps produced for the 50th anniversary of the National Picture Gallery in Tirana. Stamps relating to serial anniversaries are grouped together. It is about 85% to SG catalogue, excluding a very few high value rarities but there are sufficient early issues to make it a very worthwhile collection.

It is accompanied by a large file of related press cuttings and articles, the SG Catalogue Balkans Part 3  4th ed. Skanderbeg magazines from the former Albanian Study Group, Phillips book and some others including an English translation of an Albanian book on early issues.

If anyone with an interest in Albanian philately would like further information and/or a copy of the catalogue in due course please contact Denise Stynes at W & W  on  +44  (0) 1926 499031 or

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