Besa Berberi and her 7 Lullabies CD

Besa Berberi and her 7 Lullabies CD

For those interested in Albanian folk music and culture, a CD with Albanian lullabies can be bought now at Foyles shops in London.

Beautifully sang by the British-Albanian classical opera singer Besa Berberi, the CD is titled in Albanian: 7 Ninulla 7 Ditë Të Javës (7 lullabies 7 week days).

You can buy the CD online via this link:,berberi-besa-9786000926052

About Besa Berberi

Having trained as a classical opera singer, Besa Berberi is now changing the way she performs and thinks about music.

Unable to return to her home in Kosovo, or remain in Croatia or Albania, Besa came to the UK in 1994 to complete her musical education at Trinity College London. Although her previous experience was in performing and teaching (western) classical music, she is now learning how to perform and sing in the traditional folk music style.

Besa describes her voice as a “dramatic soprano” and has performed at the Globe, in the Union Chapel and a number of other venues around the country. Generally audiences are mixed – East European and British – but those who know her for her classical voice are sometimes taken aback by her change in style. However, as her world has changed, so has her music. She says the change to traditional folk music is “really a love of back home”.

In the future, Besa wants to explore the techniques of music therapy, saying “I just know the way that certain music makes you feel and how powerfully it affects you”. She worked on a video installation project with an artist in London which draws inspiration from her sister’s paintings.

Ultimately Besa feels that “I am a refugee seeker here and I just want to show another side of refugee seekers. You take the responsibility of your country and your people, so you want to show the good sides of them”.