Hounslow Albanian community have marked the tenth anniversary of the end of Kosovo War by performing traditional songs and dances at Hounslow Civic Centre, west London.

Kosovo Albanians were forced to flee their country since 1992 when war broke in former Yugoslavia, culminating in 1999 when almost one million Albanians and some ethnic minorities were expelled by the Serbian nationalist military machine.

NATO intervened, crushed Milosevic’s army and paramilitary units, liberated Kosovo and most of the expelled refugees returned back immediately starting from 9th of June 1999, the day when Serbia agreed to withdraw from Kosovo.

This event was organized on 13th of June as a thank you to west London residents for accepting them and making them feel at home.

One of the Albanians attending the event, Mr Ruzhdi Jata (57) said: “We want to give something back to the community that welcomed us so warmly.”

He works with Hounslow based charity SFIDA (Challenge) to raise awareness about preventing extreme violence among youngsters in this borough.



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