Born in Albania, Mr. Prifti went to Istanbul at 12 and became a candy-maker’s apprentice. In 1953, he came to the United States and worked at Drakes Candy and Hebert Candies. In 1965, Mr. Prifti opened his own business.

During the Easter season, Mr. Prifti starts working at 6 in the morning and goes home at 7 at night. From 500 to 600 bunnies are made every three to four hours.

Not only does this 87-year-old chocolate-maker strive to make everything he creates for Easter satisfying and delicious, you can even eat the baskets. Mr. Prifti said he started a line of specially designed edible Easter baskets about a quarter-century ago. “You can eat the basket. You can eat everything in sight. Just throw away the cellophane,” Mr. Prifti said, holding up a basket made of chocolate, with bunnies and little eggs inside.

“Easter’s a big holiday. It’s the big one,” Mr. Prifti said. “It’s a lovely tradition for children. People buy a lot of stuff. A lot of candy’s going out. It’s going well over here.” Prifti’s Homemade Candies is at 106 Green St., Worcester.

Mr. Prifti estimates 4,000 to 5,000 solid chocolate Easter bunnies (as well as 10,000-plus “bunny lollipops”) will “hop” out of the store.

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