“Surprisingly Albania, together with Germany and Switzerland, has the best access (least waiting time problems) to healthcare services in Europe.”

Albania was ranked 30th out of 33 countries when the 2009 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) was presented 10 days ago in Brussels. Albania scores 562 points from a potential 1,000 and generally performs better than other regional neighbours already members of the European Union such as Bulgaria, Latvia or Romania.

“Albania certainly has very tight financial restrictions, and the medical results are not quite up to EU standards”, states Dr. Arne Bj√∂rnberg, the Euro Health Consumer Index Director.

Albania is included in the EHCI at the request of the Albanian Ministry of Health, who in a very nice e-mail wrote that “we might well finish last, but we want to be in there anyway”.

The country avoids ending up last chiefly due to a very strong performance on Access, where patient organizations confirmed the official ministry version that waiting times essentially do not exist.


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