Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell

Former Number 10 spin doctor, Alastair Campbell, has been invited by the Kosovan government to teach them how to communicate, in particular with its old enemy Serbia.

He used to be Tony Blair’s right and although he is know for his strong language and aggression, was on his best behaviour when he visited Kosovo’s capital Prishtina last week.

Teuta Baselica, deputy director of the British Council in Pristina told The Times: ‘He was a real charmer. He didn’t swear once.’

Mr Campbell will prepare a comprehensive report advising Kosovo’s government on how to improve their communications.

If this report is accepted he could be working in regular basis for the Kosovan government and apart from aiding their message to the world he will work on improving their internal communications as well.

According to the Daily Mail ”it is not clear how much Mr Campbell is earning from the consultancy work, but The Times said he is one of the most expensive public speakers in Britain so is likely to command a large fee.”