Adnan Januzaj

Adnan Januzaj

The Belgian-Albanian’s innocence was refreshing when he replaced Ashley Young and appeared in the 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace on Saturday – a day for remembering new beginnings, 50 years on exactly from when George Best first pulled on the No 7 jersey.

Januzaj displayed some of the sang froid that Best displayed all those years ago, and demonstrated, just like him, that the slender frame which everyone at Carrington agrees needs filling out should not be an  impediment to progress.

“Gonna be like Tiger Woods,” Januzaj recently said on Facebook, so delighted was he to receive some new kit from a sponsor. He’s the only United first-team player with as few as 662 followers on Twitter. But the boy can play. “Everyone knows he’s a player with enormous qualities. Technically he’s amazing,” his compatriot and new team-mate Marouane Fellaini observed after his own notable arrival from the bench. “Now it’s up to him to prove himself.”

The teenager’s parents are Kosovar-Albanians, with his father a key influence. United are seeking to tie him down, too, as his current contract has a year to run and Juventus and Barcelona are circling.

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