An Iranian born, New York based visual artist, Shirin Neshat, who has recently turned into filmmaking is planning to shoot a film based on Kadare’s The Palace of Dreams.

I have been very interested by another novel written by an Albanian author Ismail Kadare, called “The Palace of Dreams,” this film will be made in English, and it will be most likely filmed in Eastern Europe.

While this surrealistic novel is not directly about Iran, it is an allegory related to Iran in the way in which it could capture the way the ‘ruling party,’ the ‘state’ tries to control people’s ‘imagination’ even their ‘dreams.’

I sense there are ways to explore, the absurdity, the vicious fanatism that threatens us today.  With “The Palace of Dreams” I see a beautiful parallel in Albanian’s dark history and struggle with communism and Iranian plight with the Islamic revolution.