Albanian King Zog pictured in Frieth

Albanian King Zog pictured in Frieth

The historian Neil Rees has written a new book about Albania’s King Zog called A Royal Exile, which explores his five year stay at Parmoor House in Frieth, Chilterns, in England.

After being expelled by Musolini in 1939, King Zog along with his 35 family members, servants and staff, travelled through Europe before settling in England.

Mr Rees was inspired to write a book about King Zog while researching his first book.

“The story is just great, the name is great and the idea that there really was a character called King Zog who lived in our area was just too good to let pass by,” said Mr Rees.

Mr Rees even made a several trips to Albania and managed to interview his son, King Leka, who was only two years old when his family moved in England. King Leka now 71 remebers very well growing up there, explains Mr Rees.

His book has found favour among Albanian royal family and Albanian community in the UK.

“For them [the royal family] it’s good, they’ve had 45 years of bad press in Albania because the Communists used to criticise anyone who was not one of them,” said Mr Rees. “It’s also been very well accepted by the Albanian community here because it traces the origins of the ethnic community in England.”