Blood and Honey: a Beekeeper in Kosovo. []
Blood and Honey: a Beekeeper in Kosovo

Elizabeth Gowing is a British teacher who moved from the UK to Kosovo five years ago. Previously unfamiliar with the country’s rich culture, she received a beehive as a present and was thus whisked away on a journey through the country’s food and culture.

Her new book, Travels in Blood and Honey: a Beekeeper in Kosovo, tells the story of a foreigner who falls in love with the traditions of a divided land. The tale behind the naming of the Balkans factors prominently in her story. In Turkish, “bal” means honey and “kan” means blood, representing the duality of the country’s divided, but beautiful, heritage.

I initially worked as a teacher in London. I still do some teaching, but am mostly busy with my writing and the NGO, The Ideas Partnership, which I set up with my partner and our friend to work on education, environmental and cultural heritage projects in Kosovo. I’m currently working on a book called Edith and I: Adventures with an Edwardian traveller in the Balkans, on my travels following the route of Edith Durham around Kosovo and Albania.”, says Elizabeth Gowing.

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