A group of 22 British tourists holidayed in Kosovo during the 1 May long weekend, becoming the first tourist group to purchase travel packages destined for Europe’s newest country.

British tour operator Regent Holidays first offered the Kosovo holiday package in October 2008 after Kosovar consulting company Tourism Planning and Development presented the British firm with specifically designed travel packages.

According to Tourism Planning and Development, TPD, the travel packages were snapped up at the Regents Holiday agency in London. The 22 visitors traveled to Gjakove, Peje, Istog, Prekaz and Pristina.

TPD Consulting Director, Zeke Ceku told Balkan Insight that the British tourists viewed their Kosovo holiday as “exceedingly positive”, with some travelers reluctant to leave.

“They specifically enjoyed the great hospitality, diligence, services and attractions”, he said.

TPD Consulting is planning on offering five more travel deals for Kosovo to Regents Holidays in the near future.

Source: BalkanInsight.com (Reporting by Shega A’Mula)

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