It all started when Revd Doubleday had settled down to an evening watching television in 1999.

The pastor was so affected by what he saw on a news report about refugees fleeing the conflict in Kosovo that it changed his life.

Shoeboxes rather than X-Boxes have been putting smiles on the faces of children at Christmas for 10 years.

WHILE Santa Claus was riding his sleigh across the world with his sack full of goodies a truck was making its way across Europe to brighten the lives of families in Kosovo.

Containing much-needed blankets, clothes and shoes its arrival in Gjakove, western Kosovo, was a great help to people battling the cold where temperatures can drop to -22C.

But the Kosovan children were most excited about the arrival of shoeboxes filled with toys and toiletries.

“We have built widows houses [after their husbands were killed] as a lot of them were living in barns in -22C temperatures.

“And we have brought a number of children to the UK for operations including a 12-year-old boy who had a bullet lodged in his lung.”

The charity now also works in Africa and Asia.

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